5 Healthy and Delicious Homemade Cat Treats for Summer

5 Healthy and Delicious Homemade Cat Treats for Summer: Today, the summers are getting hotter and hotter, and the average annual temperature is on the rise in many parts of the world. While sweating in your t-shirt and shorts, your cat can be found soaking up as much warmth as possible. 

Do you worry about your pet’s Cat Treats for Summer? Thinking about what to eat him? Here are a few foods vets say will keep your beloved cat healthy this summer.

Packet-type dry food is available for cats. You can eat that food on the doctor’s advice. But apart from that there are some homemade dishes. It will keep your cat cool even in hot weather. Your feline friend will thank you for it!

5 Homemade Cat Treats for Summer

5 Homemade Cat Treats for Summer
5 Homemade Cat Treats for Summer

Now that summer has here, feline friends everywhere are looking for tasty ways to beat the heat. As a pet owner, you may be curious about what kinds of treats are healthy. And you should appealing to your cat. Here, we’ll look at some of the top summertime treats for felines.

  1. Spinach and Rice:

Boiled spinach and rice are good for cats. The vitamins in spinach boost the cat’s immune system. Mix 1 part spinach with 4 parts rice and let him eat. It is better to mix it with water before giving it. But whether to give this food or not, know well from the doctor. 

  1. Eggs and Rice:

Remove the yolk from the boiled eggs and mash only the white part. Then, Mix the egg white with rice and give it to the cat. Egg protein will meet most of the cat’s nutritional needs.

  1. Meat Water Ice Cubes:

Boiling water for chicken is good for cats. But remember, it should not contain salt or any spices. Keep this water in the ice tray of the refrigerator and freeze it. Once the frozen ice cubes are ready, give them to your cat. It is good for the stomach and nutrition.

  1. Watermelon Slices:

Watermelon meets some of the water needs of the cat’s body. But large amounts of watermelon can harm cats. Therefore, before eating watermelon, you must consult a doctor. One more thing to remember. 

Remove all the seeds from the watermelon before giving it. These seeds are harmful to the cat’s stomach.

  1. Salmon and Sweet Potato Treats 

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial to a cat’s skin and coat health. And salmon is a fantastic source of these nutrients. Vitamins and fiber can also be found in abundance in sweet potatoes. 

One can of salmon, drained and mashed, one mashed sweet potato. Besides, a quarter cup of flour is all you need to make these tasty morsels. Make little balls from the dough and bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 350°F. These snacks are not only nutritious, but they also taste great!

Care of furry friends in summer

Cats have many problems during summer because of their hair. Heat stroke, diarrhea, dehydration, etc., are more common during this time. And so the cat needs extra care at this time.

Sleeping place:

Put a towel in the fridge, and lay it on the cat’s bed when it’s cold. Run air conditioners, coolers, fans, etc., to keep the room cool and keep the cat in the room. If you live in a tall building, you should open the windows and provide ventilation. But it would help if you put a net on the window.

Drinking water:

You should always keep clean and cool water for the cat to drink. Besides, you can add ice cubes to the cat’s food and water. It will keep the water cold for a long time.


At this time, the cat should be less active. Do not engage in any exciting sports.


Keep the cat resting most of the time. If you take your kitty out for a walk regularly, then walk for a short time instead of a long one.

Sun heat: 

Cats should be kept away from sun heat. So cats should be kept indoors most of the time.

Daily cat food chart in the summer season

Cats are likelier to venture outside and engage in outdoor activities during the warmer summer. That’s why they must eat more to keep up with their activities. 

However, keep in mind that cats are strict carnivores that require a diet low in carbs and high in protein. Here’s a daily cat food chart for the summer season:

1. Breakfast: Wet or dry food containing 30-40% protein.

2. Mid-morning snack: Some freeze-dried chicken or turkey treats.

3. Lunch: Wet or dry food containing 30-40% protein.

4. Afternoon snack: A few pieces of freeze-dried fish treats.

5. Dinner: Wet or dry food containing 30-40% protein.

6. Evening snack: A few freeze-dried chicken or turkey treats.

It’s important to note that the amount of food your cat needs may vary based on age, weight, and activity level. You should always consult your veterinarian to determine the appropriate food for your cat. Thus, your feline friend will thank you for it!

AgeWeightWet cat foodDry cat food
Kitten (6-12 months)2-4 pounds2-3 cans1/4-1/2 cup
Adult (1-7 years)8-10 pounds1-2 cans1/2-3/4 cup
Senior (7+ years)6-8 pounds1 can1/2 cup

Note: These are just general guidelines, and your cat’s individual needs may vary. The best approach to figuring out how often and how much your cat should eat is to talk to your vet. Give your cat the summertime pleasure they deserve with some tasty cat snacks!

What’s Your furry friend’s Favorite Summer Treat?

What's Your Cat's Favorite Summer Treat?
What’s Your Cat’s Favorite Summer Treat?

It’s summer, so give our cats some nice snacks! Summer heat and humidity affect cats too. Why not give your cat some tasty, healthy summer treats? Summer cat snacks might be frozen or easy to make. Cats enjoy pleasures, whether they’re basic or elaborate. Try these:

1. Frozen Treats: 

Basically, Summer cats adore icy treats, and frozen foods keep them cool and hydrated. Tuna juice, canned pumpkin, and chicken broth form frozen desserts. Just freeze the liquid in an ice tray. Let your cat enjoy them after freezing.

2. Homemade Cat snacks: 

Making your cat healthy and delectable snacks is fun and easy. Chicken, salmon, tuna, and catnip can form treats. These also provide protein and vitamins for your cat.

3. Canned Cat Food: 

Cats love canned food in summer. Water can hydrate it. It also makes pleasant summer ice cubes.

4. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: 

Cats enjoy fresh produce high in vitamins and fiber. Watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries are good snacks for cats. Green beans, peas, and carrots work too.

However, Treat your cat moderately and watch their weight. Make sure your ingredients are cat-friendly and chemical-free.

In conclusion, giving your cat nutritious summer snacks is a fantastic way to demonstrate affection. Whether you manufacture or buy treats, be sure your cat gets enough nutrients. Give your cat summer treats—they deserve it!

Here are some additional tips for feeding your cat in the summer:

  • Offer your cat more wet food than dry food. Wet food has a higher moisture content, which will help keep your cat hydrated.
  • Provide your cat with plenty of fresh water. Cats should always have access to fresh, clean water, especially in the summer.
  • Offer your cat cool places to relax. Cats can get overheated easily in hot weather, so providing them with cool places to relax is important, such as a shady spot in the yard or a cool, drafty room in the house.
  • Avoid feeding your cat too much food at once. Smaller, more frequent meals will help your cat stay cooler.
  • If your cat is overweight, you may need to reduce their food intake slightly.

Following those tips can help your cat stay healthy and happy during the summer months.


Can I use fresh fruits in homemade cat treats? 

It’s best to avoid using fresh fruits in cat treats, as some fruits can be toxic to cats. Stick to cat-safe ingredients like cooked meat or fish.

How can I make frozen treats for my cat? 

    You can make frozen cat treats by blending canned tuna or chicken broth with a small amount of water. Pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze until solid.

    Are there any homemade treats that can help with hairballs? 

    You can make a hairball remedy treat by mixing canned pumpkin with a small amount of plain yogurt. Serve a small portion to your cat a few times a week.

    Can I use catnip in homemade treats for my cat? 

      You can use catnip in moderation to add flavour and appeal to homemade treats. Sprinkle a small amount of dried catnip on top or mix it into the ingredients.

      How should I store homemade cat treats for summer? 

      Store homemade cat treats in an airtight container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh during the summer. Use them within a week or freeze them for longer storage.


        In conclusion, making your cat treats can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially during the summer when fresh ingredients are abundant. 

        These homemade treats provide a healthier option for your furry friends and allow you to customize the components to meet your cat’s dietary needs and preferences. 

        With these five recipes, you can easily whip up a batch of tasty treats your cat will love. So why not give it a try and treat your feline companion to some delicious homemade treats this summer?

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